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Thermal Springs

The thermal spas of Montecatini offer a moment of genuine relaxation to escape from the rapid pace of modern society and thus the possibility to regenerate your energy and take care of yourself. Hotel Il Parco is the ideal reference point for those who are looking for a hotel in Montecatini Terme: a healthy walk of a few minutes will take you to the most popular spas and wellness centres, the physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre and the thermal pools of Terme Redi or the thermal establishment Tettuccio Terme, immersed in the beautiful park of cedars of Lebanon, palms, sequoias, acacias, pines and lime trees and adorned with imposing and majestic colonnades. Montecatini Terme is known in Italy and all over the world for the rehabilitation, regenerating and healing properties of its prestigious thermal waters. The city has developed historically around the springs gushing forth thermal waters, now a beautiful spa park that covers 460,000 square meters. The thermal waters run from an aquifer at a depth of 60-80 meters their way through to the surface, during which they get enriched with minerals and purified biologically. In the drinking cure, the thermal waters of Montecatini Terme are divided into Strong (residue at 180 ° C: 21 grams per litre), Medium (residue at 180 ° C: 17 to 18 grams per litre) and Light (residue at 180 ° C: 4.9 to 7.5 grams per litre). The thermal waters of Montecatini can be considered as belonging to the salt- sulphate family for their composition mainly rich in chlorides, sodium sulphate (Na) and magnesium (Mg). There are also bromine (Br), lithium (Li), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), silicon (Si), sulphur (S) and phosphates. All these chemical elements make the thermal waters of Montecatini special not only for the drinking cure, but also for the treatments such as inhalations, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, showers and thermal baths. Our hotel in Montecatini Terme is the place to stay for those who like taking care of themselves. Spas, thermal baths, all situated within walking distance from our hotel. Relax in the tranquillity of our garden, sunbathing, sipping a drink or reading a book sitting in the shade of our terrace. Montecatini Terme: a unique and magical place in Tuscany where you have the possibility to regenerate and take care of your beauty.



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