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Anyone who is looking for care of the body and beauty treatments finds everything needed at the thermal springs of Montecatini: thermal baths, spas, wellness centres, and the tranquillity of a city historically grown around its springs. Hotel Il Parco is situated in an ideal position to take advantage of all the richness of Montecatini. Just a few minutes’ stroll away from our hotel in Montecatini Terme, you can find the city centre as well as the best thermal spas: the physiotherapy centre and the famous thermal pools of Terme Redi and the vast park with its trees from all over the world where the thermal establishment Tettuccio Terme with its imposing columns full of ancient charm is located.

The use of thermal water in healing therapies and beauty treatments at the thermal spas of Montecatini vary from the drinking therapy to the mud therapy with analgesics and anti-inflammatory powers. The most typical use of the thermal waters is balneotherapy, consisting of immersing the body in thermal baths. The benefits are numerous and proven scientifically, but only after trying the thermal spas of Montecatini you can fully understand the effects of relaxing your body and mind.

The thermal waters of Montecatini belong to the salt-sulphate family, as they are composed mainly of chlorides, sodium sulphate (Na) and magnesium (Mg). They contain also bromine (Br), lithium (Li), calcium (Ca), potassium (K), silicon (Si), sulphur (S) and phosphates, all chemical elements that the thermal waters of Montecatini collect on their way from the heart the earth to the surface, making them special in all kinds of medicinal purposes and beauty treatments.

Hotel Il Parco is a hotel in Montecatini Terme that offers a family-run place to stay in a quiet surrounding. You can enjoy sipping an aperitif on the terrace or taking a sunbath in our large garden. At a short walk you can visit the historical centre of our peaceful town and the best spas, wellness centres and thermal baths Montecatini can offer you.

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