Montecatini Terme

Hotel Il Parco is a hotel in Montecatini Terme, town in the province of Pistoia in Tuscany. The position of Montecatini Terme is particularly strategic for those who want to visit the touristic cities of Tuscany: Lucca and Pistoia are very near, Pisa and Florence are about a half -hour drive away, while Siena and Arezzo are situated just about an hour’s drive from the hotel.

The Thermal Springs

Montecatini Terme is certainly known in Italy and all over the world especially for its thermal spas, which have proven healing and rehabilitation effects. The town grew around the hot springs. One of the most striking characteristics is the large green area that is located in the heart of the city. The spa park covers 460,000 square meters. A real green oasis that surrounds the thermal spas. Montecatini Terme has developed between the 19th and 20th century. Formerly it was called Bagni di Montecatini and only in 1928 it took on the current name of Montecatini Terme. The thermal waters come from an aquifer which is located at a depth of 60-80 meters. On the way to the surface the waters are loaded with minerals and emerge bacteriologically pure and can be used without any treatment. They are classified according to their characteristics in Strong, Medium and Light. The therapeutic applications are very broad, but all must be carried out under medical supervision. The main therapy is drinking the therapeutic waters. Other treatments are mud baths, bathing, hydrotherapy, jets, physio-kinesitherapy in a thermal pool and rehabilitation therapies. Besides the drinking cure, the waters of Montecatini are also used for beauty treatments and to improve the general well-being. The most impressive thermal establishment is a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Il Parco: the Thermal Establishment Tettuccio Terme, immersed in the beautiful park of cedars of Lebanon, palms, sequoias, acacias, pines and lime trees and adorned with majestic colonnades. Also the physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre and the thermal pools of Montecatini Terme Redi are within a few minutes’ walk from our hotel. Hotel Il Parco is the ideal choice for those who are looking for thermal spas in Montecatini Terme thanks to its central location.

The center

The center of Montecatini Terme, adorned with beautiful fountains, is just a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Il Parco. Along avenue Verdi you can admire buildings of historical interest: Palazzina Regia, the summer residence of the Grand Ducal family, periodically hosts artistic and cultural events, the century-old town hall exposes in the boardroom the work “Woman Wrapped in a Flight of Birds” by Miro, the Pavilion of Salts, building used for the sale of salts in the early twentieth century, Teatro Verdi, designed in 1828-29 and opened in 1930, offers in its program the main operas with live music, significant concerts with the greatest national artists, musicals and the most outstanding comedy shows.

Montecatini Alto

At a short distance from Montecatini Terme, it is possible to see the village of Montecatini Alto, perched on the mountain, which offers wonderful views. The village can be reached using the historic funicular cable car railway with its characteristic red carriages, which runs its charming way up providing stunning views. Montecatini Alto was a castle of Roman origin built 299 meters above the sea level, which gave rise to the actual city of Montecatini. Initially the only existing Montecatini was the one on the hill and the spas were just a swamp below the castle. However, the waters of the swamp had healing properties recognized since antiquity, probably already known to the Etruscans. There are documents dated 1387, in which we find traces of such properties, a phenomenon that had not been given much importance to. Around 1530 the baths were contained in tanks named “Medici” or ” Tondo (round)”, and ” Merli (Blackbirds)” or “Rogna (Mange)”. But the stagnation of the waters still made the area unhealthy. It was the Grand Duke Leopold who built the canals for water disposal and the thermal spas. So a second village, Montecatini Terme, came to life, first known as “Bagni di Montecatini” because they belonged to the town of Montecatini. In 1940 the “Castle” became a part of “Bagni”, because the thermal baths of Montecatini had achieved international fame.


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