The city of Montecatini Terme is certainly known in Italy and around the world for its thermal waters, used in effective therapeutic and beauty treatments. The location of our hotel in Montecatini allows you to reach the best spa wellness centers in Montecatini Terme with a short walk. Just five minutes to treat yourself to the benefits of massages, mud baths, baths and hydromassages in the thermal waters. A few minutes of healthy walk to reach spas in Montecatini Terme such as Terme Redi, characterized by the famous rehabilitation physiotherapy center and thermal pools. Or the wonderful park of exotic vegetation, which amazes with its unexpected grandeur, and the imposing columns that make the Tettuccio Montecatini Terme spa unique and unmistakable, just a few minutes from our hotel.

The waters of the spa are used in the spas in Montecatini Terme through the most effective and scientifically recognized therapies, such as “as a drink” in hydroponic therapy, with the use of mud in mud therapy, for baths in balneotherapy and in thermal hydromassages. Each type of use has properties that are used based on the particular objective: Montecatini Terme spa for simple relaxation, for the most effective beauty treatments, or as an effective therapy against specific pathologies and for rehabilitation. The Montecatini spas are classified as salt-sulphate, as the waters are rich in chlorides and sodium (Na) and magnesium (Mg) sulphates, collected in their beneficial underground path up to our surface springs.

Hotel Il Parco is the ideal choice for your relaxing stay at the Montecatini spa, where you can take care of yourself and your beauty, relax on our cool terrace or lie down sunbathing in our large and colorful garden, just a five minute walk from the best wellness centers and spa facilities in Montecatini. 2 star hotel near Montecatini Terme spa where you can really take care of yourself and your beauty.

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